Margaret Reeve BSc (Hons) PODIATRIST


Margaret qualified from Brighton University in 2000, and has the certificate in diabetes care from Warwick university, she has worked for four NHS trusts over a period of seven years specialising in the diabetic foot. Margaret opened Southdowns Clinic in 2011.

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Glen Foley BSc (Hons) PODIATRIST

Specialist in Biomechanics

Glen qualified from the University of Brighton in 2003.  Glen has worked with a wide variety of athletes of all ages and abilities. Alongside his work at Southdowns clinic he is involved with DMRC Headley Court as an Extended Scope Practitioner Podiatrist specialising in biomechanics of the lower limb.  He is currently involved with research regarding compartment syndrome and biomechanical overload syndrome in the military population as well as extensive work with injured personnel returning from theatres of conflict. 

With Glens extensive knowledge and experence, and utilisation of the latest gait analysis softwear, anyone with injury of the lower limb would benifit from a consultation.




Fulya Manfredi:  BSc (Hons) PODIATRIST

Fulya Manfredi qualified as a podiatrist at Brighton University in 2014 and immediately afterwards worked for Brighton University as a clinical technician facilitating an effective treatment and learning environment for students and staff. she currently works in the private podiatry sector and is dedicated to provide evidence base care that best meets the needs of patients. Fulya is registered with the Health Care Professions Council and a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

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Emma Roussac-Evans BSc (Hons) OSTEOPATH, Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

Emma Roussac-Evans has been qualified as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist since 1998 and as an Osteopath since 2004. She offers all types of osteopathy, including structural, cranial and visceral; and all types of sports therapy including massage and rehabilitation. The two therapies often complement each other. Further information about the therapies can be seen at Emma also qualified as a reflexologist in 2015.